Life-saving services

The deployment of a voice dispatch solution in rescue service control rooms allows operators to respond to emergency calls in a prompt and efficient manner. Thanks to the integration of information and communication systems into a single system, they are able to do their best to save lives in the shortest time possible.


Shorter response time

The features of the dispatcher terminal itself and its integration with information systems allow the operator to make calls in an easy, well-arranged way in the shortest time possible. The required connection can be established through various communication networks based on their availability as well as current staff roles and planned shifts.


Unification of dispatcher work

The KONOS dispatch solution makes it possible to use a single interface to work with different communication networks and systems. Specialized gateways allow the dispatcher to communicate with the enterprise phone network, public network and mobile operator networks as well as radio networks from various manufacturers and of various types (analogue/digital/trunk) and special signalling networks.