Operational management and fault resolution within the distribution network covering the territory of the Czech Republic. The system is used by operators and employees in five regional control centres, fault service workers at all workplaces as well as field workers (radio stations) and selected administrators with defined access rights to the system.


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Rescue services

Implementation of emergency calls for rescue services (line 155). The integration of state-of-the-art technologies in combination with the KONOS dispatch platform resulted in shorter response times, allowing rescue workers to spend more time with patients instead of on paperwork. In case of emergency, the solution allows the operator to stop an ambulance transporting a patient with minor injuries, redirecting it to a higher priority case.


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Operator communication for railway operations including corridor lines. Automatic stopping of trains, prevention of railway accidents at crossings as well as increasing the capacity of busy tracks. All this is provided by the KONOS dispatch platform for railway transport. Thanks to the integration of all the key railway communication systems with the KONOS dispatch terminal, the operator is able to respond faster, thus preventing emergency situations.


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Prague metro

Special solution for communication between line dispatchers at individual stations which enables conference calls. The solution allows efficient communication between dispatchers prior to the start of service, during the day as well as after the end of public service.


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